The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) awarded Metalpress 2 stars for the Legality Rating.

This award is an important testimony of our daily and constant commitment to obtain the highest standards of quality and innovation.

A recognition that certifies respect for legality, transparency and social responsibility!

A guarantee for our Stakeholders, Suppliers and Customers of the correctness, reliability and professionalism of our company.



The legality rating is a tool introduced in 2012 for Italian companies, aimed at promoting and introducing principles of ethical behavior in the business, through the assignment of a “recognition” – measured in “stars” – indicative of the respect of legality by the companies that have requested it and, more generally, the degree of attention paid to the proper management of their business. To the attribution of the rating, the system links advantages on the occasion of public financing and facilitations for access to bank credit.

An evaluation system for virtuous companies that respect ethical principles, including:

– Absence of pending criminal proceedings

– No criminal adoptions

– No asset prevention measures

– Absence of antitrust and commercial offenses

– NO relations with organized crime

– Protection of the health and safety of workers

– Compliance with contribution payments

– Compliance with the rules for the use of cash

– Compliance with the payment of taxes