New disc cutting line

  New disc cutting line dedicated exclusively to the processing of stainless steel sheets The plant has been designed to cut discs from sheet metal square blanks, with a fully automatic work cycle. Respecting the criteria of Industry 4.0the whole line has been connected to the company network allowing the [...]

Flanging for mechanical crimping

  The flanging for mechanical crimping allows us to apply the ferrule to the cap without carrying out welding operations, thus increasing the longevity of the products because it prevents the formation of rust at the junction points. We can carry out any type of mechanically flanging on dished heads, [...]

METALPRESS: allowed⭐⭐ for legality rating

  The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) awarded Metalpress 2 stars for the Legality Rating. This award is an important testimony of our daily and constant commitment to obtain the highest standards of quality and innovation. A recognition that certifies respect for legality, transparency and social responsibility! A guarantee for our [...]

PED AD 2000 certification

In Metalpress quality does not only mean making a good product, it also means operating according to criteria of responsibility and commitment that involve the entire supply chain, from the supplier to the final customer. A choice that forces us to constantly measure ourselves with directives, laws and regulations… a [...]