Since 1961, experts in metal moulding and deep drawing.

Metalpress, founded in 1961, is a sub-supplier of metal formed components, specialising in cold forming and deep drawing.

Over our 50 years of history, we have gained in-depth experience in the production of standard and customised dished heads, which can be used in several industrial sectors.

Our technicians are able to analyse the feasibility of each single formed part, offering specialised advice for each type of product. Additionally, the experience gained in different business fields allows us to apply the technologies and know-how acquired across several sectors, meeting the needs of every customer.

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Innovation and industry 4.0

Innovation has always been the key factor in developing our business: we invest in new technologies and adopt the most advanced organisation and production methods.

Lean manufacturing, inventory optimization, product and process innovation. These are the guidelines along which we have developed an efficient production system, guaranteeing quality and service for our customers.

Starting from 2017, with the transition to the joint stock company (S.p.A.) Form and to new ownership, we have made important investments to upgrade our plants and optimise the production and management of the warehouse and logistics.

The automation of processes and the integration of systems in an Industry 4.0 perspective have allowed us to improve production performance by guaranteeing a more efficient and customised service.

Customized and
tailor-made solutions