Braziers were invented centuries ago as heating systems. When modern heating means did not yet exist, braziers were placed in different areas of the house to provide heating.

Today, they are no longer used for this purpose, however, braziers and fire pots are still outdoor furniture items, which can be used to light a small bonfire in the garden and warm up around it on cooler evenings.

Not only that, today it is also possible to use a brazier for cooking: by adding a grill it can be turned into a barbecue or a complete cooking system suitable for pots and pans.


Our dished heads can be used to make braziers and bbqs. We are able to work different types of material according to uses and price ranges:

  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • galvanized steel

We can produce dished heads with different diameters and heights and, upon our customers’ request, we can also form customised shapes.

We can also supply pre-washed dished heads or carry out the required surface treatments at cycle end.


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