The production of dished heads for the construction of tanks and pressure vessels is one of the main markets for Metalpress.

Our dished heads for tanks and other vessels are used in several sectors, from sanitary hot water systems to food, and from chemical to agricultural applications.


Among our top products are the dished heads built for pressure vessels.

Pressure tanks, designed to contain gases or liquids at a pressure different from the ambient pressure, must be designed in such a way that each one of their parts is able to withstand all possible stresses capable of causing leaks, failures or bursting of the containers.

It is therefore essentially important to choose a suitable:

  • material
  • wall thickness
  • shape of the vessel

At Metalpress, we are able to analyse and test our products based on the customer’s technical requirements, ensuring compliance with all safety and quality parameters relating to the

  • use of materials of controlled and certified origin
  • use of qualified and verified construction processes



Our dished heads meet the requirements of the European PED directive, applicable to the design and construction of pressure equipment.


For products intended for the non-EU market, or wherever necessary, we can certify compliance with the requirements and standards indicated in the ASME Code.


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