We are able to produce several types of dished head and formed parts for use in the food processing industries, in particular in the following sectors:

  • Dairy
  • Winemaking and brewery
  • Jams and marmalades
  • Juices and drinks
  • Chocolate

We produce conical heads, used for the production of fermenters, and traditional dished heads for use in ripening vessels, tanks or food-grade tanks. In the latter case all our dished heads can work under pressure and are PED tested.

We can also form sheets in pillow plate, particularly suitable for this sector since the heating or cooling fluid can be placed in the sheet interspace, which allows the temperature to be kept constant inside the tank.

At the customer’s request, we deliver washed, degreased and dried parts. Our washing plant is designed to keep carbon steel separate from stainless steel, and, for SS, it uses demineralized water. Additionally, the products used are non-toxic, phosphate-free and solvent free, so they will not leave harmful residues on the product surface.

Finally, all our products comply with the requirements of the REACH directive on the use of chemicals and the exemptions set out in the RoHS3 directive on heavy metals.


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