On request, we can supply the pressed parts already washed and degreased, complying with the surface tension parameters (cleanness) indicated by the customer, with considerable time savings on subsequent processing (e.g. enamelling or internal vitrification of the boiler) and on welding times, especially for stainless steel parts.

Our system allows washing, rinsing, passivation if required and drying, and is suitable for all types of metal.

It has been designed to keep stainless steel separate from carbon steel.

Strong points:

  • built entirely in stainless steel
  • complete oil removal system
  • chip filter
  • max loading dimension 1500 mm
  • max part height 450 mm
  • demineralised water is used in the rinsing phase for stainless steel products
  • separation effect: will not emulsify

Our plant is safe and environment-friendly because we use products that do not contain toxic or harmful substances for humans and the environment


  • Reduction of water consumption thanks to the reverse osmosis system that allows water recovery and recycling
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • System that eliminates the release and leakage of acids into the environment
  • Our nanotechnological washing solution has a high cleaning power
  • The formulation of the products, based on bicarbonate technology, increases the life of the baths
  • The use of non-toxic, phosphate-free and solvent-free products guarantees maximum environment protection and operator safety
  • The detergents, with water-based formulation, are easy to dispose of and non-flammable
  • Safety data sheet 0.0.0.



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