We specialise in the production of dished heads for the sanitary hot water systems industry. In addition to standard sizes, we can produce non-standard and custom heights.

We can offer both central and side hole designs, drilled also while the machines are running with significant savings of time and costs.

Flat areas can be obtained around offset holes to ensure more efficient welding of the sleeve.

Among the strong points of our products are the perfect flatness of the dished head, thanks to minimised out-of-roundness which allows for extremely accurate coupling to the shell, contributing to the reduction of assembly times and costs.

Finally, we are able to deliver an impressive range of different edges which, on request, can also be made to our customers’ drawings.


In addition to dished heads, we also form flanges, in particular with 5 and 8 holes, which can be made in both stainless steel and carbon steel.


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